• itsBlue

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  • Aquablad

    Founder of Hearthstone UK Competitive Hearthstone player for Team-Infused Caster (Dingit Showdown Series, Gfinity Masters, Hearthstone UK Events) Tournament Organiser ...Read More

  • L0rinda

    I'm Neil and rather older than your traditional gamer. Don't let that fool you though, I'm as immature, keen to win and salty as you pesky kids. I stream arena all weekdays apart from Thursday and you're all welcome to come ask questions about either the draft I'm doing, or the scene in general. ...Read More

  • WimDem

    I am Willem Demmers, IGN; WimDem and I'm a starting graphic designer. On the website i try to help out with all subjects that need some cool looking Banners, logos , posters etc. If you got any requests just PM me and I'll try to help you....Read More