Hearthstone UK Invitational

Mon 23rd Feb 2015 - 7:31am : General

 This week we have the first ever Heartstone UK invitational taking place. With the online tournament benig sponsored by Team Pro2Type for £50, we saw 4 invited players and 4 qualified players. The 4 invited players were as followed:

[Dignitas] Blackout 

[Pro2Type] Pesty

[Infused] Sottle

[Pro2Type] Shrek

Joining the 4 invited players, Pro2Type opened up a EU qualifier where the Top 4 would join the 4 invited players. The format of the qualifier was:

  • Single Elimination
  • Best of 5
  • Class elimination. Once you have lost a game with that class you can’t play another deck of that class during the set.
  • Loser must change class. Winner must keep the deck they won with.
  • Before you start your games you ban one of their classes then they ban one of your classes. Use with your opponent.

You can see the bracket below where these 4 players fought it out hard to qualify:

iG Dodgy Paradox Gollum9 FallenRemote

So as you can see the 4 qualifying players had some tough opponents through their brackets and deserved their spots. With the 8 players finally being decided we saw the main event being held yesterday on the 22/02/2015 with the top 8 players playing for their share of the £50 prize pot which was split £35 / £15. The bracket for the main event can be found below:The final standings of the bracket were:

[Infused] Sottle - 1st place (£35)

[Dignitas] Blackout  - 2nd place (£15)

[Pro2Type] Pesty - 3rd/4th place

[Teamless] Gollum9 - 3rd/4th place




Adam Davis

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