Introducing uFrag Hearthstone!

Wed 13th May 2015 - 12:49pm

uFrag has expanded into Hearthstone taking on four new players. uFrag already have teams in League of Legends, CS:GO and Call of Duty.

 uFrag reveal the origins of their new Hearthstone team on their website.

"Like our other teams, our Hearthstone squad has newly been put together, all from the amateur scene, but all of whom have shown promise in various online tournaments and some small offline tournaments close to them, including at England’s first eSports bar in London, The Meltdown Bar. Headed by Shalesey who is operating as a player manager for the squad compiled with four UK based players and one Swedish, with himself having experience at LAN events including Insomnia, their approach to the competitive scene has been excellent, with them all working hard together to improve individually by analyzing games, and statistics to help themselves for future online and offline events."


Introducing uFrag Hearthstone!

Shalesey - Player/Manager

Shalesey has been around the block in terms of competetive gaming. At 33 years young he is what gamers would call "one of them old folk". He started out in Call of Duty on the PC at 19 years old a mere 14-15 years ago. Making it to UK no 1 with several line ups. He was a pretty big caster in Relics Dawn of War 2 and still produces a little content today. He's played many competetive games such as SC2, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and Couter Strike GO. You will generally find him running a tournament at Meltdown, London's Premier eSports Bar. Usually with a pint in hand, a smile on his face and one small troll away.


xl3en has been playing Hearthstone since closed beta, mainly focusing on Arena until regularly attending events at the Meltdown Gaming Bar. Since then he has reached high Legend and won numerous tournaments in offline events, most recently a €500 Meltdown City Clash with 2000+ viewers on Twitch.


Having played strategy games all his life and currently poker professionally, ILiKePaStA was able to quickly develop his skills as a player when he picked up hearthstone. He had a couple of high legend season finishes, but his main area of expertise are tournaments. No major result yet, but 5 top 8s in Sunday ESLs, obtaining the top spot in the European Meltdown rankings and a number of high placements in online events look promising.


Inguz has played strategic games from the beginning of primary school where he first learnt to play chess.  He was the best player on his school team despite being at least 2 years younger than all the other members and then carried on by playing for Imperial College, winning the U18 supremo title in the Mega-finals XIV, Middlesex C in 2014 and was the second best U18 player in the Ikaria chess tournament of 2014.  Upon discovering Hearthstone, his favourite class was priest during a very difficult period hugely dominated by miracle rogue. However he quickly rose among the ranks and has now been legend ranked 7 times since the official release and gotten top 20 at various times throughout different seasons with priest, hunter, warrior and Druid.  He has gotten to the semi finals of the ESL online tournament held every Sunday and has been dominating the Hearthstone scene in his local gaming bar.

uFrag was formed in late 2013, primarily as a gaming community, focusing on old school games such as Call of Duty 1/2. After enjoying ourselves within this, we slowly started moving into new games, and mid 2014, we decided to move forward and progress into an Esports Organisation.





Nick Secker

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