Hearthstone at Insomnia Gaming Festival 54 Results

Tue 7th Apr 2015 - 2:12pm

Last weekend the Insomnia Gaming Festival hosted the Tesoro Hearthstone Fireside Cup. Insomnia is the UK's biggest LAN and open Hearthstone tournament and will feature players from Dignitas, Infused and H2K. Hearthstone UK have the final results for you!

The final day of the Fireside Cup housed some of the strongest names in UK Hearthstone. However only one person could take away the glory. Congratulations to trig eSports 'Powder' for winning the whole event taking home £1000. A massive shout-out to ExplodingCow for not only coming second but giving us a very entertaining grand finals.

Tesoro Hearthstone Fireside Cup - Results

1. trig eSports 'Powder'
2. 'ExplodingCow'
3. Dignitas 'Blackout'
4. Razor's Edge Gaming 'Modernleper'
5. H2K-G2A 'Pesty'
5. 'Aquablad'
7. 'Sottle'
7. Dignitas 'GreenSheep'



Nick Secker

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