Hearthstone at Insomnia Gaming Festival 54 - Day 1

Fri 3rd Apr 2015 - 11:19pm

This weekend the Insomnia Gaming Festival will host the Tesoro Hearthstone Fireside Cup. Insomnia is the UK's biggest LAN and open Hearthstone tournament and will feature players from Dignitas, Infused and H2K. Hearthstone UK will be keeping you updated on the weekend so be sure to check back!

The first day of groups are over. Tomorrow will conclude the group stage with the final games. Some will make a difference where as some won't. Below is a list of the current qualified players for the top 16 bracket:

Dignitas "GreenSheep"
Dignitas "Blackout
H2k-Gaming "Pesty"
Infused "Aquablad"
Infused "ExplodingCow"
trig eSports "Powder"
Razor's Edge Gaming "Modernleper"

The remaning players will be decided tomorrow. Here are all group results so far:

Good luck to the remaining players!



Nick Secker

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