QPAD ESL UK community cup: Second March qualifier

Tue 10th Mar 2015 - 1:24pm

The second qualifier was won by Pesty who beat Shalesey 2-1 in the final. Both are active community members and regular visitors to the top end of this kind of event.

The two losing Semi-Finalists were EpicVipa and actuated33 with actuated33 winning the third place match 2-0.

The official points are as follows with the top 8 making the finals in two week's time.

# Points Contestant
1 100 Powder
2 100 Pesty
3 75 JamesHugs
4 70 shalesey
5 40 DIG Blackout
6 40 Blusey
7 40 actuated33
8 35 EpicVipa




Neil Bond

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