• Introducing uFrag Hearthstone! 33

    Introducing uFrag Hearthstone!

    uFrag expands into Hearthstone with up and coming UK talent.

    Wed 13th May 2015 - 12:49pmRead More
  • Moar Meet Invitational 13

    Moar Meet Invitational

    A Blackrock tournament hosted by Facebook group Moar Hearthstone, featuring players from top eSports teams from around the EU.

    Mon 13th Apr 2015 - 2:11pmRead More
  • Meltdown Fireside Gathering: Blackrock Mountain! 18th April 15

    Meltdown Fireside Gathering:…

    Come celebrate the launch of the new Hearthstone adventure, Blackrock Mountain, with a Fireside Gathering on April 11th at Meltdown, London's only eSports bar!

    Fri 10th Apr 2015 - 3:34pmRead More
  • Cardiff Hearthstone Blackrock Gathering! April 19th 8

    Cardiff Hearthstone Blackrock…

    Cardiff's Fireside Gathering returns in April to celebrate the latest single-player expansion to the game, Blackrock Mountain!

    Thu 9th Apr 2015 - 11:58amRead More
  • Team-Infused and Hearthstone Part Ways 24

    Team-Infused and Hearthstone…

    Team-Infused and their Hearthstone team have gone seperate ways as players leave the squad.

    Tue 7th Apr 2015 - 2:24pmRead More
  • Hearthstone at Insomnia Gaming Festival 54 Results 8

    Hearthstone at Insomnia…

    This weekend the Insomnia Gaming Festival will host the Tesoro Hearthstone Fireside Cup. Insomnia is the UK's biggest LAN and open Hearthstone tournament and will feature players from Dignitas, Infused and H2K. Hearthstone…

    Tue 7th Apr 2015 - 2:12pmRead More